Welcome to Falconbrook

Falconbrook is a London real estate development business. We have been active in the London real estate market for 15 years as investor, developer, manager and lender. Our track record gives us a unique ability to execute a wide range of real estate transactions, maximising value whilst identifying and mitigating risk throughout the capital structure.

Social Development

Real estate development should improve our built environment and our society. We practice social development – making places where people from all walks of life want to live, work and relax together, reducing pollution, improving air quality and leaving an enduring legacy.

We open every door…

We like to push boundaries through vision, creativity, design and efficiency. We always question the status quo and explore all possibilities before committing to a direction. We never settle for the obvious when we can do more. This obsessive attention to detail and genuine desire for perfection enables us to uncover value and makes us a compelling partner proposition.

…and keep them open

Our relationships are always based on collaboration, transparency, integrity and fairness. Not only does this lead to enduring partnerships but it also delivers better results for everyone involved.

We see London differently